Dog with diabetes needs home!

Dog with Diabetes

Dog with diabetes needs home!! Toby is a pure bred 3-4 year old golden retriever from Prairieville, LA who was diagnosed with diabetes as a puppy. He is a very friendly dog but needs a LOT of care and attention.

As we all know, living with diabetes can be expensive and the vet has included the cost for Toby’s care:

He takes 15 units of insulin twice a day–prescription needs to be filled at a human pharmacy and will cost $30-$100/month. Ideally, he needs to fast and come into the vet for a glucose curve every six weeks, which costs $75.

He will need to eat diabetic management dog food for his entire life. Science Diet’s W/D 17-pound bag is $35.59; Purina DCO’s 18-pound bag is $47.52.

Please help us find a home for this sweet beauty! Unfortunately, due to his very high health cost, the owners will be putting him down soon if a new home isn’t found. Anyone that may be interested in Toby may contact Stewart Guidry at

Let’s not give up on Toby! Please spread the word!